Juggle people began long ago. The first documentary evidence of this is the Egyptian wall paintings dating from 1900 BC. Chinese soldiers mentioned in the works, written in 770-476 m BC, before the battle showed their art to juggle enemy weapons and often conflict ended, failing to start. Since the opening of the first circus in the modern sense of the word, Philip Asli in 1768, jugglers got jobs and became firmly associated with the circus. Since the mid-nineteenth century jugglers were especially popular in small theater and variety shows to fill pauses in the scenery. They zhonhlyuvaly, standing in front of the curtain. At the end of the twentieth – early twenty-first century explosion in popularity of juggling – it is no longer just a circus art. Ordinary people have to juggle to meet, gather in zhonhlerski clubs organize competitions. Now, Juggling – this is a trend where every artist tries to show not only their skills, but also surprise the audience with stunts unusual objects and equipment for their implementation.

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